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NAACP Debate - Michael Specht was again (!) a No Show

Last Thursday October 26th, the Spring Valley NAACP, JAMCCAR and HAPAC hosted a candidate forum debate at the Kurtz Center in Spring Valley. Our opponents running on the Democratic line are obviously betting on blind loyalty from the Democratic base in Spring Valley because they didn't even bother to show up to the debate.

Bill Weber, Shani Bechhofer and Grant Valentine introduced themselves and took questions from the audience. You can watch this event on YouTube here:

Journal News Endorsed Bill Weber for Ramapo Supervisor



October 24, 2017 - This morning the Journal News (a Ganette/USA Today publication) editorial board, broke with their recent tradition of staying silent on the local Ramapo candidates endorsed the New Direction for Ramapo candidate Bill Weber for Ramapo Town Supervisor. 

"Ramapo is a town of economic and ethnic diversity that too often is defined by its divisions. The town’s reputation is stained, not only by so many officials’ malfeasance, but from a deepening community divide that was milked by past leadership to amplify power. The town needs a fresh start, with new leadership that recognizes that the visions of the various Ramapo communities may sometimes conflict, but always need to be heard and respected. 

We endorse Bill Weber, a Republican who leads the New Direction For Ramapo ticket, for town supervisor. Weber, a CPA, offers financial knowledge and a strong commitment to ethics and transparency."

The Journal News clearly recognized the strength of the New Direction for Ramapo ticket as whole:

Amid Ramapo’s tense ethnic and racial divides, Weber has made more than just gestures toward bridge-building. He leads a ticket that has representation from different party affiliations and various backgrounds, with Democrat Grant Valentine and independent Shani Bechhofer running for town board seats.

Our united ticket is committed to honesty, respect, fairness and good government ideals and principles. Our campaign is entirely focused on promoting the common values held by the vast majority of the citizens Ramapo, who are tired of corruption and divisiveness. 

We are not just pleased by this endorsement; we are especially pleased by the Journal News' recognition that past leadership was tied to the pervasive divisiveness that has plagued Ramapo and that it is indeed time for a fresh start. 

Lohud/RCC Debate October 18th

On October 18th, the Journal News hosted a candidate debate at Rockland Community College (RCC).  The room was packed and cheering on Bill Weber and he gave plenty of reason to cheer.

You can watch the spirited debate here:

NAACP Debate in Spring Valley

On September 7th, JAMCCAR hosted the NAACP candidate debate at the Louis Kurtz Civic Center in Spring Valley. This time Michael Specht did show up to debate Bill Weber but his running mates Yitzy Ullman and David Wanounou were no shows. 

You can watch the spirited debate here:

HNE Network Interview

On Sunday September 3rd we were proud to participate in a series of interviews by Rod Lustin of the HNE Network television show which was aired a few days later. The interview was labeled Bill Weber for Town Supervisor but it also includes interviews of Shani Bechhofer and Grant Valentine who are running with Bill on an independent ballot line called New Direction for Ramapo. 

We are proud to share these interviews with you. 


HAPAC Debate (Except the other party didn't show)

On August 10th Bill, Shani and Grant attended the debate hosted by Haitian American Political Alliance for Change (HAPAC) at the Ramapo Cultural Arts Center in Spring Valley. Michael Specht, Yitzy Ullman and David Wanounou were no shows so what was planned as a debate turned into a Town Hall Meeting of sorts with candidate presentations and time for questions and answers. 

Video of Bill Weber


Video of Shani and Grant's


HAPAC Debate August 10th

Bill, Shani, and Grant will be participating in the Haitian American Political Alliance for Change debate on August 10th. This is a great opportunity to meet the candidates in person. Come one, come all.  In addition to the Town of Ramapo candidates, there will be candidates there for county wide positions as well. For more information check out this Rockland Times article