Resources For Volunteers

Thanks so much for volunteering! 

The three immediate needs the campaign has at the moment are:

  • Help us get ballot access for the New Direction for Ramapo unity ticket
  • Hold small neighborhood Meet The Candidates house parties.
  • Help us find financial supporters

This page is designed to have the resources you need to help us meet our immediate needs. If you have questions Contact Us.

Before going further please review the Rules that we are asking our volunteers, followers and supporter to follow. 

Collect Signatures for Ballot access

  1. Download and print the New_Direction_Petition page itself.
  2. Download and print this Petitioning_Instructions for Collecting Signatures
  3. Watch this instructional video:
  4. Collect signatures on your block and send them in.
  5. If someone on your block wants to help, keep a spare print out of the instructions and the petition to share with them and ask them to get involved. 

Hold a Meet the Candidate House Party

It's easy to hold a small house party to introduce the candidates to your neighbors. Meeting candidate face to face has the highest percentage success at getting people to commit to helping to elect the candidates and to also support them financially. Our success this fall will be directly impacted by the number of meet the candidate opportunities we can set up. What do you need to do to hold a house party?

  • Make your home available for 60-90 minutes.
  • Organize light refreshments (water, coffee, soda and perhaps some cookies).

How can you invite your friends & Neighbors?

Thank you for offering to do a meet the candidate event in your home!

Your support is what is going to make this year’s campaign result in a real and significant change to the Town of Ramapo. This is a overview of what it means to do a house party event.

15-50 people: Schedule the party for as soon as you can manage it. Don’t make it overly complicated. Evenings are best for when people are not at work and have the time to come by. Somewhere after the dinner hour but not too late 6:30- 8:30 range. (exceptions for professional contacts that will do a lunch hour thing at law firms or accounting firms etc.) 

Host expectations: The two main expectations is that the host will be responsible for inviting their neighbors and friends and provide them with some basic refreshments.

Snacks/refreshments: This should reflect the sensibilities of the people invited. Cocktails for people who are oriented that way etc, simple snacks, pop/coffee tea for those that do not drink. You or the host of the party will know the sensibilities of those they are going to invite.

Format of event: Allow 5-10 minutes for people to arrive and get settled. The host of the party introduces the candidate and/or candidates: 2 min, Candidate(s) speak for 5-10 mins, and answers guest questions for 10-20 minutes. 

Time: the total length of any house party should be 45 min for anything under 20 people. For larger attendance (~30-50 person range) allocate about an hour and a half.

Goals: Our goal is to give the attendees the confidence to join our campaign. This means committing to vote, talking positively about the candidates with their friends, signing up to volunteer to help, and also, critically important, being willing to help finance the campaign.

This is our opportunity to make a difference in Ramapo. The candidates are committed to doing everything in our power to win this election and with financial and volunteer support, we can.

Follow-up: We ask that hosts please help us get information, donations and volunteer signups from the guests upon leaving. And, very importantly, help collect feedback from the attendees after the meeting to help us plan for the next meeting.

Again, thank you so much!

Together we will create a New Direction For Ramapo


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