Rockland County Times Endorsement

Rockland County Times Endorsement

On Thursday, October 26 the Rockland County Times endorsed Bill Weber for Town of Ramapo Supervisor

In their analysis on the current political landscape throughout the county, the Rockland County Times recognized the importance of leadership in Ramapo working with Rockland County leadership in their endorsement: 

"Hopefully in coming years and decades a nice middle is reached and our socio-political landscape becomes settled. It is possible that a politician like Bill Weber, Republican candidate for supervisor of Ramapo, could help Ramapo integrate into Rockland and Rockland understand some of Ramapo’s ways.

The Rockland County Times also endorses Bill Weber for supervisor because at least he offers some hope of an improved paradigm.

We want to thank the Rockland County Times:

"We are once again grateful to local journalists that recognize the strength and diversity of the New Direction for Ramapo team. When we are elected we will work overtime to ensure a peaceful and well-run Ramapo for our future."

You can read the full article here: Analysis and Endorsements for Election Day November 7th.

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